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Collection and use of personal information

Tanshaw Sanitation inc. collect information only after you fill out an information request form or after you contact us by email. If you wish to receive Tanshaw Sanitation inc. publications please refer to the contact information section and fill out the form to subscribe to the circulation list.

At any time after receiving a Tanshaw Sanitation inc. publication, a person subscribed to the circulation list can unsubscribe from the list.

Tanshaw Sanitation inc. will not use your personal information for any use other than those described in the present confidentiality statement without having previously obtained your consent.

Tanshaw Sanitation inc. however reserves the right to disclose information concerning the users of its site in the following situations: to comply with a law or regulation, to assure its defence in the event of a legal proceeding or to protect its rights or those of the users of the site.

External links

The Tanshaw Sanitation inc. Website contains links to external Websites of whose content Tanshaw Sanitation inc. does not control. The external links present on this site are not recommendations and are placed on this site as supplementary information only. Tanshaw Sanitation inc. is not responsible for the information found outside of this site and cannot guarantee the accuracy of such information. The present confidentiality statement does not apply to these external sites.


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Other information

We invite you to send us your questions, comments and suggestions to the following address: info@tanshaw.com

Tanshaw Sanitation inc. reserve the right to modify the confidentiality policy at any time and without notice.